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February, 2014

  • Staff and Board members attended meetings/conference calls/webinars with: Sacramento MFT Consortium, Medicare AAMFT/CAMFT Coalition meeting, Inland Empire MFT Consortium, San Diego MFT Consortium, BBS Policy and Advocacy meeting, Coordinated Care Initiative, California MediConnect Updates meeting and the DHCS Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting. It is critical for CAMFT to have a place at the table with other mental health professionals and regulatory bodies. These meetings will always be a high priority.
  • Staff Attorneys responded to 1822 calls from members with questions on legal, ethical, and licensure issues. Access to this expert, legal guidance is one of the most beneficial and popular member benefits.
  • 16,360 people visited the CounselingCalifornia.com website with 18,820 of those being unique visitors. There were hits to 5,099 different therapist profiles and 38,700 total page views. This marketing tool is available to all members for the purpose of promoting services to the public.  Create your profile now.
  • Staff Attorneys wrote the following letters to legislators, agencies, and organizations: A letter to the Commissioner of IRS regarding comments on IRS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, REG-134417-13. The IRS proposed rulemaking seeks to define what amount of political activity is acceptable for a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, due to concerns of possible heightened use of such groups in recent years as vehicles for engagement in federal and state elections. A letter to the National Society of Health Coaches (NHSC) to allow LMFTs to attain certification as a Certified Health Coach. Currently, NHSC permits, amongst other healthcare professionals, LCSWs, Licensed Clinical Counselors, and Licensed Psychologists to attain certification as a Certified Health Coach. LMFTs may only obtain a Certificate of Completion with NHSC. A letter to Senator Mark Wyland thanking him for his position of support of SB 1012. Letters to Congresspersons Jarred Huffman and Zoe Lofgren thanking them for cosponsoring HR 3662—Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2013. A letter to Senator Leland Yee thanking him for introducing SB 1148-Record Retention Bill. CAMFT consistently interacts with key legislators, agencies, and other organizations to reinforce how proposed legislation may be beneficial or harmful to LMFTs and MFT Interns and Trainees. Advocacy is a cornerstone of CAMFT’s commitment to members.
  • CAMFT’s state and federal lobbyists attended fundraisers for: Assemblywoman Melissa Mendez and Speaker of the House, John Boehner. The goal of the CAMFT PAC is to ensure that Marriage and Family Therapist-friendly candidates and incumbents from both political parties get elected to the California legislature. We support candidates who have demonstrated an understanding and willingness to fight for the issues most important to Marriage and Family Therapists. Click here to donate to the CAMFT PAC!
  • Staff and Board members participated in meetings with and presentations to 5 chapters and 1 school: Redding and Regional, Delta/Stockton, Santa Cruz, San Fernando Valley and San Diego North County Chapters. A presentation was made at the University of Phoenix in Fresno, CA. Chapter meetings are a prime opportunity for CAMFT leadership and staff to hear directly from members and exchange ideas for serving members. Click her to connect with your local Chapter.
  • Staff Attorneys presented 2 Law and Ethics seminars at the following chapters: Santa Cruz and Inland Empire Chapters. The law and ethics seminar is a valuable training tool that gets consistently positive response from MFTs and other participants.
  • A CAMFT Board member attended a legislators’ meet and greet with: U.S. Representative Sam Farr, California State Representative Mark Stone and California Senator Bill Monning, a field hearing of the House Veterans Committee Subcommittee on Health. The meeting was held in Ventura County and Congressman Benishek and Congresswoman Brownley were present. CAMFT consistently interacts with key legislators to reinforce how proposed legislation may be beneficial or harmful to LMFTs and MFT Interns and Trainees. Advocacy is a cornerstone of CAMFT’s commitment to members.
  • The CAMFT Chapter Leadership Conference was held on February 28 & March 1, 2014 in San Jose, CA. There were approximately 112 chapter volunteers in attendance representing 27 of the 28 active chapters of CAMFT. The Chapter Leadership Conference is hosted each year by CAMFT to provide education and networking opportunities to individuals volunteering within local CAMFT chapters.
  • The CAMFT 2015 Annual Conference Planning Committee and the CAMFT Ethics Committee convened. If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please send a cover letter indicating the committee in which you are interested along with your resume to CAMFT at 7901 Raytheon Road, San Diego, CA 92111. Committee appointments are made by the President of the Board of Directors. Click here for a list of Committees.

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