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July, 2016

CAMFT Staff participated in 2 meetings with Department of Health Care Services Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Advanced Group, and South Bay Therapists Network. It is critical for CAMFT to have a place at the table with other mental health professionals and regulatory bodies. These meetings will always be a high priority.

CAMFT Legal Staff responded to over 1,720 calls from members with questions on legal, ethical and licensure issues. Access to this expert, legal guidance is one of the most beneficial and popular member benefits.

Over 12,220 people visited the CounselingCalifornia.com website with 10,115 of those being unique visitors. There were hits to 2,140 different therapist profiles and 20,480 total page views. The CounselingCalifornia.com marketing tool is available to all clinical, associate and life members for the purpose of promoting services to the public. Create your profile now.

CAMFT Staff submitted 3 advocacy letters to:

  • US Representative Sam Farr, US Senator Boxer, and US Senator Feinstein, thanking each for helping obtain language beneficial to LMFTs in the Military Construction/Veterans Appropriation Conference Report
  • Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman, in support of the Early Diagnosis and Preventive Treatment Program (AB 38)
  • Robert Friedman, MD, Manager Medical Director-Behavioral Health Services at Anthem, Inc., regarding concerns about communications from Anthem to CAMFT members

CAMFT consistently interacts with key legislators, officials in state agencies, and people in influential roles to reinforce how proposed legislation, regulation, or other actions may be beneficial or harmful to LMFTs and MFT Interns and Trainees. Advocacy is a cornerstone of CAMFT’s commitment to members.

CAMFT met with 1 legislative office for Congressional Candidate Tim Sheridan and attended 2 receptions for US Representatives Brownley and Pelosi. The goal of the CAMFT PAC is to ensure that Marriage and Family Therapist-friendly candidates and incumbents from both political parties get elected to the California legislature. We support candidates who have demonstrated an understanding and willingness to fight for the issues most important to Marriage and Family Therapists. Clickhere to donate to the CAMFT PAC!

CAMFT Board participated in 4 Chapter meetings, Long Beach/South Bay, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Santa Clarita Valley. Chapter meetings are a prime opportunity for CAMFT leadership and staff to hear directly from members and exchange ideas for serving members. Click here to connect with your local chapter.

CAMFT Staff presented Law and Ethics seminars at 2 agencies: Foothill Family Services and Golden Valley Health Centers. The law and ethics seminar is a valuable training tool that gets consistently positive response from MFTs and other participants.

CAMFT Staff participated in 1 forum: Department of Health Care Services Behavioral Health. CAMFT engages in relevant conversations with agencies and organizations about current topics that affect mental health professionals.

CAMFT secured 1 press release regarding Minority Mental Health Month. Press releases featuring information about the MFT profession educate potential clients about the services and scope of knowledge of MFTs.

CAMFT’s Supervision Workshop was held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel on July 15-16, 2016. There were 125 people in attendance. CAMFT workshops are an effective way for members to earn continuing education units and learn more about current topics that affect mental health professionals.

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