Board Meeting Highlights,  July 2013

July, 2013


The Board held a special meeting on July 11, 2013 to discuss how our membership feels about the new bylaws, and during which significant bylaws changes were made.

Statement from the Board regarding the Bylaws
After hearing feedback from some of our members about the bylaw voting process, the Board felt it was important to address those concerns.  We sincerely regret that we did not begin the bylaws communication process earlier with articles in the magazine, email communication, and updated postings on the website. In addition, we acknowledge that more efforts could have been made to call attention to the difference between the old bylaws and the revisions, to further inform voting members.   We recognize that we did not achieve the kind of transparency that our members expect on this issue and we commit to keeping members fully informed of, and involved in, Association affairs.   

Moving forward, we will be considering amendments to the bylaws that address concerns and encourage all members to include their voice with amendment proposals.

Significant Bylaws Changes
The Board considered and approved two significant bylaws amendments.

1. The Board agreed to restore the “purpose,” as defined in the old bylaws (Article III).  This decision was based on concerns that CAMFT would no longer be an organization to advance marriage and family therapy as an art and a science and to represent the interests of marriage and family therapists.  
The Board agrees that the “purpose” of the organization is a concept that should be vetted and discussed with the entire community.  It is the Board’s desire that the members and the Board can work together over the coming months to develop language that retains the importance of marriage and family therapists to CAMFT, but is also welcoming of other mental health professionals.

2. The Board agreed to require that the Officers and two (2) Directors At Large must be licensed marriage and family therapists.  This ensures that the majority of the Board will be controlled by LMFTs.

Previously (June 8, 2013), the Board amended the bylaws to restore the language regarding the permanent committees and clarified that these committees are Non-Board Standing Committees.
The bylaws, as amended, can be viewed with the marked-up language.

The Board will consider additional amendments at the September Board meeting. Please submit suggested amendments to by August 1, 2013. Proposed amendments received after the deadline will be considered at subsequent meetings.


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