Board Meeting Highlights,  March 2013

March, 2013

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the March 22, 2013, CAMFT Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC:

(Note:  Prior to the Board meeting, the Board attended a DC fundraiser for Rep. Lowenthal and spent two full days on Capitol Hill lobbying key California legislators about including LMFTs as Medicare providers and removing the barrier to employment of LMFTs by the Department of Veterans Affairs.)

Acknowledgement of Board Election Results
The Board congratulated the newly elected Officers and Directors for the 2013-2014 CAMFT Board:

  • President-Elect:  Jodi Blackley, LMFT
  • Secretary:  Leah Flagg-Wilson, LMFT
  • Board Member-At-Large:  Antonia Bouyer, LMFT
  • Board Member-At-Large:  Larry Langford, LMFT
  • Clinical Board Member-At-Large: Barbara Griswold
  • Pre-Licensed Member-At-Large:  Mark Perlmutter

Committee Reports and Nominations
The Board received reports from the PAC Committee and the Educational Foundation. 

The Board reviewed the proposed new bylaws, which incorporate the policies and content as revised by the Bylaws Committee.  The proposed bylaws were approved with some changes.  While the current bylaws only require at least three weeks’ notice of a bylaw amendment vote, the Board agreed that the membership should be given six weeks to review these proposed bylaws.  The proposed bylaws and ballots will be sent to the full membership in late April and the ballots will be counted in early June.

The Board reviewed the recommendations from the Honors Committee and approved the following award winners:

  • Mary Riemersma Distinguished Clinical Award:  Sue Alexander, LMFT
  • Honorary Distinguished Member:  Patti  Johnson, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
  • School and Agency Award:  WEAVE, Inc.
  • Clark Vincent Award:  Authors of “Advances: A Comprehensive Guide for Treating Female Sex and Love Addicts” (Alexandra Katehakis, LMFT; Jill Vermeire, LMFT; and Sonnee Weedn, PhD, LMFT)

Awards will be presented at the 2013 CAMFT Annual Conference on May 18, 2013, in Sacramento.

Policies and Procedures
The Board approved a final compensation philosophy that aligns pay and other rewards with an overall business strategy and culture.

The Board discussed the purview and procedures of the Nominating Committee.  After reviewing information about best practices from other organizations, the Board voted to issue a formal charge to the Nominating Committee each June and authorized the Committee to create a strategic analysis in their recruitment and selection of the slate.  The intent is to identify skill sets and backgrounds that will best complement the existing Board and represent the members’ needs and professional makeup.  The Nominating Committee will consider all applications for inclusion on the slate.

The Board reviewed the existing policy that precludes interns from posting profiles on  While there remain some concerns about the validity of the supervisor information that the intern could post, the Board voted to allow pre-licensed members who are licensed with a licensing Board to post profiles on, provided that supervisor and employer information are required fields and are displayed on the profile.  CAMFT staff will ensure that the online profile templates are in full compliance with advertising laws.  The Board voted to charge pre-licensed members $50 (annually) to post a profile on  (Associate members also pay $50 annually to post a profile.  Clinical Members pay $150 in annual dues and are not charged a fee to post a profile.)

The Board also reviewed the existing policy that states that Board members may not present at the Annual Conference or CAMFT events and may not receive compensation for presentations given on behalf of the organization.  The Board agreed that this policy could preclude a prominent professional from applying to the Board or that a Board member who is respected in the field would not be able to be a resource to CAMFT members during his/her term.  Thus, the Board modified the policy to remove the ban on Board members from presenting at CAMFT events, though the ban on compensation remains.  Annual Conference and Continuing Education Committee members are still precluded from presenting at CAMFT events since this Committee sets the agenda for the event.

Proposed Partnerships
A guaranteed-health insurance option is now available for CAMFT members in the Sacramento, Solano, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties.  The first open enrollment ends April 1, 2013.

Member/Chapter Issues
No member or chapter issues were raised in advance of this meeting.

Member Forum
No members presented during Member Forum.

Proposed Project
No proposed projects were submitted in advance of this meeting.

The format to receive CE by reading The Therapist has changed from essay response to true/false and multiple choice questions.  This format has been well-received and participation has increased. 

CAMFT members were featured on two live television news interviews in Sacramento and Los Angeles markets. was prominently displayed during the interviews.

Due to a lack of participation, amongst other reasons, the Board voted to discontinue Clinical Consultation Groups.  The two groups in existence will be permitted complete the program. 

The Board also voted to discontinue the Mentorship Program.  The Board determined that local chapters could facilitate mentorship programs more efficiently and, thus, participants will be directed to contact their local chapters.

CE offerings in the first quarter experienced broad participation and success.  The CPT webcast will be repeated on April 12 because of ongoing demand.  CAMFT has partnered with a presenter to develop a DSM-V live training that will be video recorded and offered for sale in June or July.  Supervision I, II, and III will be offered live June 6-8 and recorded for sale.

Nancy Milazzo has been hired as the new Education and Event Coordinator.

Chapter Relations
The Chapter Advisory Council discussed the issue of people who register for the Chapter Leadership Conference (no charge to attend) and fail to attend.  The Council will be making recommendations to the Board on how to address this problem since there are costs to CAMFT when an attendee does not cancel in advance of the event.

The Board also discussed that the Chapter Agreements will be distributed to Chapters after the bylaw vote, to be signed and returned within ninety days.

The reserve fund balance as of February 28, 2013 was $5.96 million.  The Board reviewed the 2012 audit.  The auditors deemed that all financial statements fairly represent the financial position of CAMFT and are in conformity with generally accepted auditing standards.  The Board also reviewed and approved the IRS Form 990.

The Board heard updates about the BBS and state/federal legislation.  Three CAMFT-sponsored bills have been introduced in Sacramento:  AB 268, SB 282, and SB 578.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on June 8-9, 2013, in San Diego.  For more details, please visit the Board of Directors section of the CAMFT website.


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