Board Meeting Highlights, September, 2014

September, 2014

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the September 20-21, 2014 CAMFT Board of Directors meeting in Berkeley, CA.

(Note: On Friday evening, September 19, the CAMFT Board met informally with leaders from the East Bay Chapter. These “Board-to-Board” gatherings are intended to allow for interaction between state and local leaders when the CAMFT Board is meeting in a chapter’s area.)

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts
After much deliberation, the Board of Directors voted to create an additional and stronger position statement on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

The Board also reviewed a member's proposal to include the practice of SOCE within the Code of Ethics. The Board voted to send the proposal to the Ethics Committee for additional review and recommendations.

Member Dues
After reviewing member comment and recommendation by the Finance Committee, the Board voted not to raise dues at this time.

CAMFT Connects Forums
The Board discussed the positive feedback and success of the recent Lake Tahoe CAMFT Connects member forum. The Board also discussed the upcoming CAMFT Connects meetings in Riverside, Monterey, and Fresno. There is no fee to attend a CAMFT Connects meeting, and attending members will be entered a drawing for a free membership renewal.

The Board reviewed updates about the BBS and state/federal legislation. The staff informed the Board that all three of the CAMFT-sponsored pieces of legislation were signed by the Governor and will go into effect January 1, 2015.

The Board discussed the impressive recent grassroots efforts exhibited by the CAMFT membership. More than 1,300 members reaching out to their Congresspersons in an effort to gain additional co-sponsors to HR 3662, a bill to include LMFTs as Medicare providers. As a direct result, U.S. Representatives Takano, Negrete McLeod, Napolitano, Brownley, and Eshoo have signed onto HR 3662.

The Board also discussed the Marriage and Family Therapists for Veterans Act HR 5398 which removes the requirement that LMFTs must be a graduate of a COAMFTE accredited school in order to be eligible for employment in the VA. CAMFT members in districts governed by U.S. Representatives Paul Cook (District 8) and Jeff Denham (District 10) have received an action alert email encouraging them to contact their Congressperson to co-sponsor HR 5398.

CAMFT’s lobbyist provided an overview of the legislative process. Also reviewed were the rules surrounding attending political fundraisers as a special interest group, such as CAMFT.

The Board directed staff to educate members on the upcoming ballot proposition 46: Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors - Medical Negligence Lawsuits. Members can learn more at: No on 46 and Yes on 46.

Chapter Agreements
The Board was unable to take action on the proposed amendments to the Chapter Affiliation Agreements given the full agenda and inability to get to all items. The proposed amendments will be deliberated at the December, 2014 Board meeting in Los Angeles.

The reserve fund balance as of August 31, 2014 was $6,195,974.56.

As of July 31, 2014, the balance for the Federal PAC was $103,315.94 and the State PAC balance was $103,128.30. This is the first time both PACs have been over $100,000. The Board directed staff to begin investing a portion of the funds to gain a greater return on the balances.

Board Approved Policies
The Board approved a formal policy on how election ballots shall be received, stored, verified, and counted.

The Board approved a policy that all speaking opportunities sponsored by a CAMFT Committee be vetted by the Annual Conference and Continuing Education Committee after a call for proposals.

Continuing Education
The Board reviewed the continuing education report announcing the 2014 Fall Symposium on November 8-9, 2014 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Berkeley Marina. Also discussed were the new On-Demand L&E and DSM-5 videos available for purchase.

Continuing Education Provider Approval Program
It was reported that the BBS received final regulation approval and consequently, CAMFT will be applying to be a continuing education provider approval agency in early 2015. CAMFT will be soliciting CE provider applications immediately upon BBS approval.

Committee Reports
The Board received reports from the following Committees: Crisis Response Education and Resource Committee, PAC Committee, Ethics Committee, Elections Committee, Education Foundation, Bylaws Committee, Public Outreach Board Task Force, Strategic Planning/Bylaws and Member Engagement Task Force, and Robert’s Rules of Order Task Force.

The Board accepted the Strategic Planning Committee’s recommendations to amend the Strategic Plan by: replacing the word “Association” with the word “CAMFT” throughout the document; and, replacing the words “mental health professional” with the words “marriage and family therapist” in all sections, except Vision, as CAMFT and its members are a resource to all mental health professionals and consumers.

The Board also reviewed a report from the Purview Committee specifically discussing a member request to support and advocate for Single Payer healthcare. The Board accepted the Committee’s recommendations to seek analysis by CAMFT’s lobbyist, create a Single Payer Health Care group on the CAMFT Community, educate the members about the pros/cons of Single Payer, and engage with stakeholders and legislators when the bill is authored.

The Board also directed staff to begin researching the formation of a committee dedicated to the issues surrounding insurance and managed care.

Strategic Planning Retreat
The Board voted to convene, in April 2015, a strategic planning retreat with the Strategic Planning Committee and Board to plan for long-term goals, visions, and result-based measurements.

Public Outreach Committee
The Board discussed the creation of the Public Outreach Committee which will focus on creating the public messaging of a marketing campaign around the benefits of mental health therapy to Californians. A call for member volunteers will occur in October, 2014.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held December 6-7, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. For more details, please visit the CAMFT website.



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