Board Meeting Highlights

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the June 4–5, 2016, (Note: On Friday evening, June 4, CAMFT Board of Directors meeting in San Diego the CAMFT Board invited leaders from the San Diego North County Chapter to a reception. These “Board-to-Board” gatherings are intended to allow for interaction between state and local leaders when the CAMFT Board is meeting in a chapter’s area.

Board Vacancies
The Board elected Cathryn Leff to fill the remaining Secretary term (2016-2017). The Board elected Katie Vernoy to fill the Director-at-Large term (2016-2018). Thank you to all members who responded to the call for nominations!

Member Open Forum
Three members participated in Member Open Forum. Robert Vazzo asked the Board to consider a policy not to take positions on social issues where there is disagreement amongst members. Laura Haynes raised concerns about the arguments posted in the recent Southern Poverty Law Center report on Conversion Therapists. David Pickup discussed misleading statements and impressions about reparative therapy.

President Patricia Ravitz shared her vision for CAMFT to be more outwardly focused on issues that impact the membership and to form strategic alliances with other groups working on mental health issues. President Ravitz and CAMFT senior staff then presented a Board orientation that reviewed the Strategic Plan, Roles of the Board and Executive Director, Duties, Board Outreach, Financial Fundamentals, and Board Process.

The Board approved modifications to existing policy on “Letters to the Editor” for The Therapist. The updated “Policy on Content of “Letters to the Editor” for The Therapist now specifies that letters must be in reference to content from an issue of The Therapist. This aligns the CAMFT policy with the policies for AAMFT and ACA publications.

The Board also corrected the “Policy on Considering Members for Non-Officer Vacancies on the Board,” approved a CAMFT Committee Member Participation Agreement, and appointed the Executive Director as the Board’s designee for matters pursuant to the Bylaws.

Committee Actions
The Board received and accepted written, draft reports (minutes) from the following Committees: Finance Committee, Ethics Committee, Insurance and Healthcare Reform Committee, Public Outreach Committee, Pre-Licensed Committee, Crisis Response Education and Resource Committee, Legislative Committee, and Elections Committee.

The Board spent a significant amount of time discussing the recommendations from the Board Task Force on Committees. The Task Force recommendations were based on review of each CAMFT Committee’s size/ composition, purpose, and contributions towards the goals of the Strategic Plan. Global recommendations were approved which included adding language to each Committee description referencing a desire for diversity in Committee compositions and reducing the number of in-person meetings to preserve resources and encourage wider participation. The Board then approved specific modifications to each Committee’s description.

2016-2017 Committee Nominations were approved.

Executive Director Report
The Board received written reports on Operations, External Groups, The Therapist, Marketing/Public Relations, Continuing Education Provider Approval (CEPA) Program, Chapter Relations, Professional Development, and CAMFT Connects.

The CAMFT database and website upgrade is complete and all energy is now focused on the re-design and launch. The Board will be participating in discussions about a new logo and CAMFT marketing and IT vendors are working on the new layout and functionality of the site, as directed by the Public Outreach Committee.

The Continuing Education Provider Approval Program (CEPA) has 180 approved providers, with the first round of renewal applications being processed concurrent with new applications.

The 52nd Annual Conference was the largest Southern California conference in many years, with over 700 attendees. Attendees enjoyed enhanced conference benefits including more complimentary meals, additional activities, and significant raffle prizes from exhibitors.

The Board received written updates about the BBS and state/federal legislation and reviewed CAMFT-sponsored AB 1808 and AB 1863. The Legislative Committee has met several times to discuss CAMFT’s position on dozens of bills.

The BBS Supervision Committee has completed its 10th meeting and expects to have final proposals to the BBS by the end of 2016. CAMFT continues to encourage members to review and participate in the process.

CAMFT is extremely disappointed that the Texas Supreme Court denied review of the Texas Medical Association v. TAMFT and Texas State Board of Examiners appeal. CAMFT continues to be in contact with AAMFT and is waiting to see how the parties proceed.

The reserve fund balance as of April 30, 2016 was $5,855,618. This reflects a gain of $237,000 since the February report.

The Board reviewed the Audit Committee report and requests from the Finance Committee.

Closed Session
The Board met in closed sessions to discuss personnel and a member issue.

Member/Chapter Issues
A new chapter in Santa Clarita is in the early stages of formation and is aiming to have a formal application to the Board for the September Board meeting. Any members in that area who are interested in being part of this new chapter should contact Nicholas S. Betty,

Proposed Projects
There were no proposed projects.

Proposed Partnerships
The Proposed Partnerships were tabled until the September Board meeting.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on September 24-25, 2016 at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. For more details about the meeting or to access the public portions of the Board packet please visit the Board of Directors section of the CAMFT website.

To see the Public Board Book, which contains much of the materials referenced above, visit the CAMFT website. The Public Board book is typically posted to the CAMFT website 1-2 weeks prior to each meeting.