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Laura WestmorelandCandidate for Pre-Licensed Director

Laura Westmoreland, MFT Registered Intern

Candidate Application

Dear Prelicensed Colleagues:

The journey to the becoming a candidate has been exhilarating. I never expected, when I enrolled in a Counseling Psychology program in 2012, that I would be seeking your votes for a Board position. I would like to share a bit of that adventure with you.

My professional background has been in business; I earned an MBA, from Lindenwood University, in 2001. I have worked in the insurance industry for over 15 years; behavioral health and substance abuse insurance, to be exact. I spend time in the field ensuring that members have access to care and understand their benefits; I am knowledgeable on current health care legislation. Additionally, I try to alleviate concerns or fears about confidentiality and around the stigma of seeking help.

Working in the field sparked my desire to become a therapist. It was, and still is, an honor to witness another’s story to facilitate healing and growth. I am grateful that I have the privilege to train as a therapist. I have been fortunate to gain experience in a variety of settings working with diverse populations. I began my traineeship at Counseling West, moved into a private practice internship, gained invaluable experience at La Ventana, and am currently with Family Service Agency of Burbank seeing agency clients and working in the school-based program.

In 2014, I became involved with the San Fernando Valley Chapter of CAMFT as the Table Host Coordinator. That service led to: being elected the 2015 Vice President of Membership for the Chapter, a private practice internship, and a growing network of professional connections and friends. I am still actively involved with the Chapter; I was the Vice President of Membership in 2016 and am currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer. I am also an active (and vocal) member of the CAMFT Finance Committee.

My focus is on making CAMFT more accessible. To that end, I have submitted a proposal to the current Board that would allow members to pay their annual dues in 3 monthly installments. I would also like to ensure that the Prelicensed members understand what CAMFT is doing to advocate for our clients and our profession as the health care landscape evolves. Finally, I plan to encourage Prelicensed members to become a little more involved with CAMFT. We are the future of the Marriage and Family Therapist profession; our voices need to be heard, our ideas considered, and our capabilities appreciated.

Of course, I have many opinions about the challenges we face as trainees and interns: BBS turn-around times, more paid internships, and changes in health care legislation. But, this is our organization: what are your thoughts, opinions, and vision for the future. How can CAMFT better serve you? Please feel free to email me at

It would be an honor to represent the Prelicensed membership; I assure you that I am equal to the task.

May I have your vote?

Thank you for your consideration.


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