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Lisa RomainCandidate for Pre-Licensed Director

Lisa Romain, MFT Registered Intern

Candidate Application
Endorsement Letter from James Parker

My name is Dr. Lisa Romain and it’s an honor to be considered for the pre-licensed board member position. I am passionate about quality mental health services, integrity and legitimacy of the profession, training, development of professionals and legislation that will keep the profession moving forward. I feel that no issue should be left untouched. If elected, I plan to roll up my sleeves to serve as an advocate for MFT professionals and work on legislative issues important to the CAMFT profession. My vision is one of excellence and commitment to building and strengthening marital, family, professional and legislative relationships through research, education, training, leadership development and advocacy.

As an organizational psychologist my vision of quality care and skills of diplomacy, creating environments of inclusion and working with teams on challenging issues regarding “helping to change the paradigm that LMFT’s are not able to understand the unique needs of special populations” and “being able to see and bill for Medicare clients”, will assist the board in addressing key concerns that professionals and clients face. As “a voice”, access to quality mental health care, service delivery from diverse professionals, professional legitimacy and opportunities commensurate to other mental health professionals will not fall on deaf ears. As an educator, my research, analyzing data and report finding skills will serve as a catalyst for legislative dialogue and innovation. As a therapist my dedication to working with people and organizations helps them realize their potential and serve as change agents. An entrepreneur at heart, I am open to “new ideas” and a “risk taker” resulting in networking and collaboration opportunities. By owing two companies focusing on counseling, coaching, consulting, training and mediation, these endeavors highlight my commitment to the profession and keeps the needs of the professional and client “front and center”.

My higher education expertise in counseling, teaching and training, will assist the board in continued leadership development and training endeavors. My consulting, advocacy and community involvement in leadership positions such as; Department Chair: Counseling Services, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and California Statewide Career Advisory committee and community board member work, will assist the CAMFT board in addressing legislative concerns regarding “consistent interstate licensure transfer processing” and challenging professionals to grow and develop while moving the profession forward.

My writing passion and advocacy skills will benefit the board in tackling legislative issues. I have published information on depression, domestic violence, substance use, and advocated on BlogTalk Radio on parenting, divorce and other issues that are brought to the forefront of the work that we do within the counseling field.

My vision of advocacy to enhance the profession, professional legitimacy endeavors, greater alliances with the Board of Behavioral Sciences and efforts to recruit, train and develop ethnically diverse professionals are goals aligned with CAMFT’s mission and core values and my skills of team building, preserving the profession, and strengthening relationships. I look forward to working together to move the MFT profession forward one marriage, one family and one profession at a time.


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