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Email Scam Aimed at Psychotherapists

Many members have received emails or letters from scam artists who have found their addresses from marketing or large mailing lists. The emails are supposedly from an out-of-state parent/spouse requesting counseling of some sort for a distraught loved one in a different state. After pleasantries and administrative emails are exchanged between the psychotherapist and concerned “parent/spouse” and before the first appointment is scheduled to occur, the “parent/spouse” sends the psychotherapist a cashier’s check, or other form of payment, to prepay the counseling sessions. When the psychotherapist receives the money, it is above and beyond the amount of the agreed upon payment. The “parent/spouse” apologizes for the mistake, and asks that you (the psychotherapist) simply transfer the difference back to him/her at a specific location/bank that is out of state. It is at this step wherein we are concerned that the psychotherapist would be unknowingly involved in an illegal activity of some kind and/or the victim of fraud.

Please don’t fall victim to this money scam. If a transaction such as this happens to you but you are unsure of whether it is legitimate or a scam, simply return the entire payment. If you have been a victim of an Internet scam or have received an e-mail that you believe was an attempted scam, please file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.