CAMFT Policy




Date: March 13, 2015  
Accepted: March 13, 2015

In order to maintain a system that allows for maximum productivity, Committees (which are comprised of members) shall continue to independently analyze and vet ideas. Whenever possible, members shall be made aware when a Committee is working on an issue of significance, as determined by the Board, and be provided with an explanation of why that issue is under consideration. The membership shall be updated regularly on the Committee’s progress, in general terms. The final Committee recommendations shall proceed to the Board to deliberate whether the recommendations are realistic to the Association needs.

Before the Board takes action on the recommendations, members shall be educated about the recommendations and invited to comment on the recommendations. Members shall expect to have reasonable information on the recommendations, time to understand the issue, and time to provide input. The Therapist and/or social media and in-person events should serve as forums for varying opinions. Chapters may wish to designate a member to report to the Chapter on CAMFT activities.

The education process shall consist of messages communicated multiple times in multiple mediums. Messages shall be sent using some or all of the following avenues: email, US mail, social media, The Therapist, and any other electronic and print CAMFT communication tools.