CAMFT Policy



Date: November 11, 2015  
Accepted: December 5, 2015

This policy serves as a formal mechanism for creating, issuing, and maintaining CAMFT policies. The intent is to ensure consistency, practicality, and appropriateness of proposed policies.

(Note: There are policies that pre-date this policy and have not been through the entire process and/or are not in the format outlined herein. Those previously approved policies remain official CAMFT polices.)

Policy Formulation Procedures
Any CAMFT member or staff member may identify the need for a new policy, but at least one Board member or staff member must agree to be accountable for the development of the content of the proposed policy.

The Board member or staff member accountable for development of the content must submit a proposed policy document that includes the following:

  • Background – Describe the events or conditions that give rise to this policy. Why is this policy necessary? What is the problem or conflict the policy seeks to address?
  • Policy Statement – State the policy’s intent, when the policy applies, to whom the policy applies, and the way the policy solves the problem or conflict.
  • Consistency with CAMFT’s Mission/Goals, Code of Ethics, Other Policies, and Related CAMFT positions – Cite relevant official documents or statements of CAMFT that relate to this policy.
  • Impact on CAMFT – Identify what resources (human, financial, technological, other) will be needed to implement and maintain compliance with this policy. Identify what changes to CAMFT might be needed.
  • Stakeholder Input – List the stakeholders affected by this policy and who you consulted in formulating this policy

Analysis and Review Procedures
The proposed policy statement will be submitted to the Executive Director for a written analysis. The proposed policy statement and analysis will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for practicality and clarity. If the proposed policy is accepted by the Executive Committee, it will be placed on a Board agenda.

Maintenance Procedures
All policies approved by the Board shall be reviewed at least every five years by the Executive Director and the Board.