CAMFT Submits CPT Code Change Request to AMA
November 2016

Earlier this year, the CAMFT Insurance and Healthcare Reform Committee voted on submitting a CPT Code Change Application to the American Medical Association (AMA) to address procedures performed by providers that are currently unbillable to insurers. The three codes the Committee decided on proposing for addition to the CPT include: copying records/preparing a report to an insurance carrier; telephonic communications with an insurance carrier; telephonic and/or in-person consultations with other providers and/or professionals. While completing the application, it was discovered a code already exists for preparing a report to an insurance carrier. The CPT code 90889 is defined as “Preparation of report of patient’s psychiatric status, history, treatment, or progress (other than for legal or consultative purposes) for other individuals, agencies, or insurance carriers.” Members who have billed this CPT Code to insurers, and/or have received reimbursement are encouraged to email CAMFT to share your experience at CAMFT will keep members apprised of any updates on this project.