Insurance Update
DMHC Releases Timely Access Report for 2015

February 2017

The Department of Managed Health Care just released the Timely Access Report for Measurement Year (MY) 2015, as part of the DMHC compliance with the Timely Access Regulation. The Timely Access Regulation requires health plans to submit annual reports to the DMHC that specify the health plans’ compliance with the regulation for a specific time period during the previous year. In this report, the DMHC indicated the compliance reports submitted by the plans for 2015 “contained extensive and unacceptable data inaccuracies regarding network providers and voluminous data errors regarding rates of compliance.” The DMHC is “frustrated with the lack of commitment by California’s health plan industry to comply with the Timely Access laws and regulations through the submission of accurate annual compliance data.” As part of the review of the Compliance Reports, the DMHC issued nearly 150 comments to health plans regarding inaccurate data and other data issues that were identified. The DMHC will require all health plans that submit annual Timely Access Compliance Reports to immediately take steps necessary to ensure that the plan has the administrative capacity to gather compliance data in accordance with the mandatory methodology, validate compliance data, and identify and rectify compliance data errors. To access the report, and the MY 2015 data on the DMHC website, click on the following links:

Timely Access Report: Measurement Year 2015

Measurement Year 2015 Data