Health Plan Data is Now Available to the Public
The Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) has created an online tool called the Health Plan Dashboard which will make health plan data more transparent and accessible to the public. The Health Plan Dashboard combines more than a dozen public data sets reported by health plans and the DMHC. Data on health plans licensed by the DMHC, such as health plan enrollment by market type, financial reports and premium rates, consumer complaints, audit reports and Department enforcement actions, is now searchable through the dashboard. The Health Plan Dashboard also includes an overall view of the health plan industry regulated by the DMHC. This section of the Health Plan Dashboard combines industry level data using the same data sets, such as health plan enrollment, consumer complaints, Department enforcement actions and premium rates. The public can also use the Health Plan Dashboard to compare health plans directly or sort the data to see how health plans compare to other plans. To view the Health Plan Dashboard visit DMHC’s website.