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 Identifying and Treating Women at Risk for Sexually Compulsive Behaivors (3/1/2018) 
   Learn strategies to successfully screen female clients for risk factors that, if left unattended, increase their likelihood of engaging in sexually compulsive behaviors. Discover treatment strategies to equip clients for successful in-person and
 Resolving the Chronic Pain and Opioid Epidemics (3/1/2018) 
   This article centers on effective intervention and treatment of prescription drug abuse, dependence, pseudo addiction or addiction for chronic pain as well as effective integrated and multidisciplinary interventions.
 Wildfires Impact and Recovery (11/1/2017) 
   Gary Brown, LMFT, weighs in on recovery and mental health in the aftermath of a wildfire disaster. This interview transcript in the wake of the 2015 Northern California wildfires focuses on common reactions, coping tips, vulnerable populations a
 MFTs on the Front Line (11/1/2017) 
   As part of the education component of its mission, the CAMFT Crisis Response Education and Resource Committee is publishing a series of articles to help expand awareness about disaster mental health issues.
 Expand Your Skills in the Field of Disaster Mental Health (11/1/2017) 
   We encourage you to become part of the CAMFT Crisis Response Professional Development Group, which will allow us to build a community of LMFT crisis responders by sharing ideas, interesting seminars, and field experience.
 5 Ways to Establish Rapport With Young Adults (9/1/2017) 
   What is the best way to develop a strong rapport with your adolescent clients? If you work with children, you want a variety of tools in your tool box to help you relate and communicate effectively. In this article, the author gives you five tr
 Superman or Spider Man Which Type of Therapist Are You? (9/1/2017) 
   Being able to establish a connection with a client may at times prove challenging. It takes skill to listen and to put yourself in a place where you can see the world through their eyes. This article, provides ideas about the perspectives clinic
 Helping Couples Negotiate Digital Age Cheating (7/1/2017) 
   This article discusses how interpretations of infidelity have changed with the advent of internet pornography and virtual sex, and how to help couples overcome their differing ideas of what “cheating” entails in order to heal from betrayal, dish
 What is AEDPfC (7/1/2017) 
   How is it different from other approaches to couples treatment? How does it affect the children of the couple? The author discusses the mechanisms, benefits, and longer term effects of AEDPfC.
 Using TFCBT to Help Those Culturally Frozen by Immigration Trauma (5/1/2017) 
   The author recounts her experiences as the child of an immigrant mother who struggled with reconciling her past cultural heritage with the pressures to integrate into a new host country. This state of being “culturally frozen” and ways to address it
 Therapist Self Care (5/1/2017) 
   This article recounts the author’s experience as a relief worker counseling Syrian refugee immigrants to Armenia, and the effects of vicarious trauma on therapists exposed to ongoing work in crisis intervention.
 Can Depression be Treated Successfully in Two Hours (4/3/2017) 
   Through the use of a case study this article demonstrates how “TEAM-CBT” was used to dramatically reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety in a particular patient who suffered from severe trauma.
 Beating Stress and Burnout (3/1/2017) 
   This article describes how providers can identify the triggers of stress and burnout and the activities and practices that can be used to reduce the impact of both.
 The Borderline Personality (10/1/2016) 
   This article explores borderline personality disorder in marital relationships and the unique and challenging ways it shapes and affects a couple???s experience with legal mediation in the courts.
 Emotionally Disengaged Couples (5/1/2013) 
   Bringing Back the Flame By Rachael Tarfman-Perez