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Handling Common Questions Involving Fees, Payments, and Insurance

Have You Completed All of Your CEs?

Have You Really Been Served A Subpoena

Healing & Other Considerations in the Midst of Disaster

Healthcare Reform and the Future of the MFT Profession

Help is Available for Providers

HIPAA's Minimum Necessary Standard

Hiring an Intern in a Private Practice: A Win-Win Proposition

HMO Watchdogs You and the Department of Managed Health Care

How to Become a Fee For Service Medi Cal Provide

How Well Do You Know Your Patient?

Independent Medical Review

Informed Consent Disclosure Statement for Online Therapy

Informed Consent Therapist Disclosure

Interns Trainees Employees Not Independent Contractors

Its What You Dont Say

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California

Information for Collaterals

Insurance Update

Joining the Fight to Gain Medicare Reimbursement Rights for MFTs

Joint Advertising Profits or Peril

Know Your LEBs

Know Your LEBs Part Deux

Landlord Tenant Commercial Leases Frequently Asked Questions

Law and Ethics of the Therapy Practice

Legal Issues in Treating Suicidal Patients

Licensing Requirements Outside California

Limited Waiver of the Privilege

LMFTs as Medicare Providers

LMFTs as School Counselors

LMFTs as School Counselors Confidentiality and Privilege

LMFTs Do Not Report Domestic Violence

Lost in the Tule Fog of Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting

LPCC Life After Grandparenting

LPCC Track for PreLicensed LMFTs