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Making the Most of Consultations with the CAMFT Staff Attorneys

Making the Transition to ICD-10

Malpractice Insurance What is the Right Choice

Managed Behavioral Healthcare

Managed Care Considerations

Managed Care in the 90s

Managed Care Survey Results

Managed Care The Next Generation

Managed Health Care California Law and Your Rights

Marijuana Laws and Your License

Marital Therapy Vignette

Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Corporations: Common Questions Answered

Marketing Nich Opportunities

Medical Marijuana Prescription Cards and Your License

Medi-Cal, Medicare, and How LMFTs Fit In

Medicare Inclusion for MFTs

Medicare Reimbursement How to Bill Second Party Payers

MFTs Members of the Clergy and Their Reporting Obligations

MFT Working Within the Department of Veterans Affairs

MFTs   Rights to Privacy vs The First Amendment

Minor's Privilege Florida Follows California

Minors the System the low of Information and the Mud in the Middle

My Patient is Moving to Another State

Myths and Realities for Supervision

Neither You Nor Your Business Associates Can Afford to be Lax About Complying with HIPAA Requirement

New Experience and Supervision Regulations

New Law Affects LMFTs Ability to Release Outpatient Psychotherapy Records

No Secrets Policy in Couple and Family Therapy

No Straying Allowed!

Nutritional Advice: Health Reminders Abouot Scope of Practice and Competence