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Ombudsman Services and Other Resources for Providers and Beneficiaries of Medi-Cal Services

On Ethics Dual Relationships and Patient Therapist Boundaries

On Ethics Avoiding Problems with Fees, Payment Agreements, and Health Insurance

On Ethics Consent for Minor in Custody - Vignette

On Ethics Consent for Minor in Custody Situation - Vignette Response

On Ethics Dual Relationships and Patient Therapist Boundaries

On Ethics The Exiting Intern Vignette Evaluation

On Writing Progress Notes

Parting Ways Anticipating and Avoiding Problems Which Commonly Occur During Termination

Pathways to Becoming a Medi-Cal Provider

Patient Questionnaire Intake

Patient Tug of War

Patient Records Under California Law The Basics

Patients Who Are a Danger to Themselves or Others

Planning for Retirement

Practice Guidelines for Psychotherapists Who Work in Schools: How FERPA Applies to School-Based Therapy Programs

Prelicensed Board Representation

Prelicensed Voting Rights

Preserving the Confidentiality of Patient Records

President Obama Extends HIPAA's Reach and Alters the Health Care Landscape

Private Child Custody Evaluator Requirements

Private Practice Expense Sheet

Privilege and Confidentiality Upheld

Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance

Proposition 63

Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege Patient's Condition at Issue in Trial

Psychotherapist Patient Privilege Your Special Relationship in the Law

Psychotherapist Social Networking and Self Disclosure on the Internet

Putting Your Best Foot Forward Job Hunting and CV Writing Tips

Quantitfying Parity: A Look at Nonquantitative Treatment Limitations