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Recent Labor Board Ruling Sets Precedent for California Internships

Recommended Practices for School-Based Psychotherapists Part I

Recommended Practices for School-Based Psychotherapists Part II

Recommended Practices for School-Based Psychotherapists Part III

Releasing Records in the Age of Adolescent Consent

Reporting Consensual Sexual Activity Involving Minors

Requirements for Grandparented Licensure as LPCCs

Requirements for Licensure as LPCCs

Responding To A Subpoena

Responses to Vignette Article Law and Ethics of the Therapy Practice: Two Vignettes to Consider

Requirements for Child Custody Evaluators

Requirements and Restrictions for Substance Abuse Professionals

Rethinking Private Practice Internships

Revisiting Informed Consent

SB 620

Scope of Practice

Scrutiny of the Health Care Plans

Selecting and Forming the Right Private Practice Entity

Selecting the Right Videoconferencing Technology for Telehealth

So What Exactly is a Dual Relationship

Sometimes, It’s What You Don’t Say

Special Education and Related Services in California Schools

Starting a Private Practice Part One

Starting a Private Practice - Part Two

Suggestions for Developing Worthwhile Supervisory Relationship

Summary of Department of Managed Health Care's Consumer Provider Plan Agency Meeting

Supervision Basics

Survey Offers Important Information About CAMFT Members' Experiences with Outpatient Treatment