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Telemedicine AKA Online Therapy and Mandatory Informed Consent

Termination of a Client Four Vignettes Answered

Termination of a Client Four Vignettes to Ponder

Testimony at Deposition as a Witness

The 5150 Foxtrot

The Basics of Telehealth

The Building of a Profession

The Creation of the Psychotherapist Patient Privilege

The Decision to Terminate Therapy

The Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing Interns and Trainees

The Dominos are Falling Internet Psychotherapy

The DSM-5 A Brief Look at the Future Manual for Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders

The Fabulous Five! Five Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls in Practice

The Follow-Up Care Doctrine, Personal Jurisdiction, and Out-of-State Practitioners

The Ins and Outs of Conservatorships in California

The Ins and Outs of Mandatory Continuing Education

The Living History of the MFT License

The Muddle of Minors and Privilege

The Myth of the Wooden Spoon

The New Associate Title: What Registrants Need to Know

The Passage of Federal Mental Health Legislation

The Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy Across State Lines

The Pros and Cons of a Single Payer System

The Pros and Cons of Union Affiliation of MFTs

The Role of the CAMFT Ethics Committee

The Role of Minor's Counsel in Family Court Proceedings

The Standard of Care Definitions and Examples

The Supervisors Role Legal and Ethical Considerations

The Tarasoff Two-Step

The "Trainee" That Could!

The Two Ewing Cases and Tarasoff

The Typical California MFT in 2010

The Use of Arbitration Agreements

The Utilization of MFTs

Therapist Disabilities and the Law

Therapists as Diplomatic Gatekeepers

Therapists Disabilities and the Law Terms Defined

Therapists with Disabilities Resources

Therapy Counseling Over the Internet

Third Party Reimbursement

Thoughtful Transitions

Thoughts on Classifying Marriage and Family Therapists

Time to Remodel Your Notice of Privacy Practices

Tips on Supervision Supervisor Record Keeping

Top Ten List of Things Therapist Do to Get Into Trouble

Top Ten List of Things Therapists Can Do to Avoid Getting Into Trouble

Towards a Model Independent Contractor Agreement

Trainee Hours May Be in Jeopardy

Training Sites for Trainees Nonprofits Only

Treating Couples Identifying and Managing Legal & Ethical Issues

Treatment of Minors 4 Vignettes Answered

Treatment of Minors Vignettes

Treatment of Minors Without Parent Consent

Trouble Maker Clients