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Uh Oh, Now What

Understanding Financial Abuse

Understanding Mandated Reporting Requirements AB1775

Understanding the Role of Collaterals in Psychotherapy

Unlawful and or Unethical Dual Relationship

Update on Pay for Supervision

Victims of Crime and MFTs as Providers

Vignette Discussion to Treating Couples: Identifying and Managing Legal & Ethical Issues

Voting Via Electronic Transmission

Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence

Waging a Claim Over Wages

What About Record Keeping

What Does the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Mean for LMFTs?

What Does Parity Really Mean

What is Insurance Fraud

What is the Potential for Recourse Against a Therapist

Whats in it for Me Does Board Service Offer a Return on Investment

What MFTs Need to Know Mental Health Services Act

What Providers Need To Know About The Provider Directory Law

What Therapists Should Know About Incident-To and Second Party Payer Medicare Reimbursements

When Insurance Plans Ask For Their Money Back

When Worlds Collide

When You Are Called As A Witness

When Your Patient is Ready to Die...

Why Does CAMFT Not Eradicate Managed Care

Working Like a Dog: Legal Considerations for Therapy Dogs

Working With Clients Who Are Involved With The Legal System

Working with Suicidal Clients

Working with the Military Four Vignettes to Ponder

Workplace Safety and Other Considerations

Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence