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Articles by Anastasia Johnson, JD, Staff Attorney

 Applying For Your NPI (11/14/2017) 
   Everything you need to know about applying for your NPI.
 Dont-Get-Scammed (8/1/2017) 
   This article will discuss an ongoing email scam that is targeting therapists. Recourses and tips are discussed for those who have been affected. The ethics of fees are also discussed.
 Gone But Not Forgotten (5/1/2017) 
   This article discusses how to respond to a request for a deceased patients records. It will address some of the important terminology associated with these types of records requests and also look at how HIPAA and California law will affect the reques
 Domestic Violence and the Duty to Make Mandated Reports (1/2/2017) 
   While reporting domestic violence is not mandated for MFTs, there are other reporting duties that may be triggered by a domestic violence situation. This article reviews the reporting duties that may arise for MFTs in such scenarios.
 CA Victims Compensation Program (9/1/2016) 
   This article will briefly review the California Victims Compensation Program.
 A-Quick-Look-at-the-California-Victims-Compensation-Program (9/1/2016) 
   This article will briefly review the California Victims Compensation Program.
 A Promise Not to Tell (9/1/2016) 
   This article will briefly review the duty of confidentiality for psychotherapists as well as attorneys. It will also look at the exception carved out by CANRA and Tarasoff and lastly, it will examine the Elijah W. case and explain the resulting
 Guidelines for Workplace Safety (5/2/2016) 
   In California, all businesses must create an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. The program must detail how the business will implement safety and health standards. This article provides information about how to create the Injury and Illnes