Consent Issues Index of Articles

 Healing and Other Considerations (1/30/2019) 
   This article will explore some of the legal, ethical, and practical considerations that MFTs to be mindful of when serving in a crisis response role when providing disaster mental health services.
 Releasing Records In The Age of Adolescent Consent (1/28/2019) 
   California is one of many states that allow for minors to consent to certain healthcare on their own. This article will discuss issues related to minors’ rights to consent to mental health treatment and disclosure of minors’ confidential treatm
 Guidelines for the Treatment of Minors (8/31/2012) 
   This article will explore the various circumstances in which minors may receive treatment, both with and without parental consent, and provide guidelines for the therapist to follow to make the most appropriate decisions.
 Informed Consent Therapist Disclosure (8/31/2012) 
   This article addresses the most commonly asked questions with regard to informed consent and therapist disclosure.
 Consent for the Treatment of Minors with Divorced Parents (5/11/2009) 
   This article will address the specific circumstance of obtaining proper consent for treatment of a minor with divorced parents, and provide guidelines for therapists to follow to make the most appropriate decisions in difficult situations.
 Revisiting Informed Consent (9/1/2006) 
   Although most therapists consider informed consent to treatment to be an important principle in healthcare, some question whether informed consent differs from ordinary consent to treatment and if so, how it applies to the practice of psychotherapy.
 Requirements for Child Custody Evaluators (1/1/2006) 
   laws have been passed to improve the quality of evaluators and the evaluations they conduct. This has resulted in the development of uniform standards for child custody evaluators, including specialized training requirements, specifically tailored to
 On Ethics Consent for Minor in Custody Situation - Vignette Response (7/1/2003) 
 On Ethics Consent for Minor in Custody - Vignette (3/1/2003) 
   Vignette on Consent for Minor in Custody Situation
 Telemedicine AKA Online Therapy and Mandatory Informed Consent (9/1/2002) 
   By bringing health care to the patient instead of the patient going to the provider, telemedicine is providing alternatives to the way health care services, including mental health services, are rendered to consumers. In a nutshell, telemedicine, or
 Informed Consent Disclosure Statement for Online Thrapy (9/1/2002) 
   Informed Consent/Disclosure Statement for Online Therapy
 Blue Levis and White Tee Shirts When Treating Minors 12 Years of Age or Older (7/1/2002) 
   When Treating Minors 12 Years of age or older. Consent does not automatically equal authorization to release confidential medical information
 Treatment of Minors Without Parent Consent (5/1/2002) 
   California law authorizes the parents(s), guardian(s) and under certain circumstances caregivers of a minor child to consent to the medical, mental health, and diagnosis and treatment relating to drug and alcohol abuse of that child. However, there a
 Consent for Treatment of Minors Caregiver Authorization (5/1/2001) 
   Consent for the treatment of minors: caregiver authorization