Dangerous Patients Index of Articles

 The Tarasoff Two-Step (9/1/2012) 
   There is a "dance" that all therapists must know how to do, and do well, which means smoothly executing the "steps" involved, and not tripping over one's feet in the process. This dance is called The Tarasoff Two-Step.
 Working with Suicidal Clients (2/1/2012) 
   This article discusses a number of key legal issues which are generally applicable when treating a suicidal client. The article also briefly discusses the topic of assessing and managing risk when working with suicidal clients.
 Patients Who Are a Danger to Themselves or Others (11/1/2000) 
   dangerous patients; Patients who are a danger to themselves or others; risk reduction, Patients Who Are a Danger to Themselves or Others