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 Summary of CPPA Meeting February 2017 (12/17/2018) 
   Summary of the Department of Managed Health Care's Consumer Provider Plan Agency (CPPA) Meeting, February 27, 2017
 Handling Common Questions Involving Fees (8/7/2018) 
   This article discusses a variety of issues that therapists commonly encounter involving fees, payments and insurance. The article points out key legal and ethical issues which are relevant to fee setting, reduced fee agreements, collecting copa
 Recommended Practices for School-Based Psychotherapists Part III (3/5/2018) 
   This final installment of the three-part series called Practice Guidelines for School-Based Psychotherapists discusses scenarios psychotherapists who are working in schools frequently encounter and ideas about how to address those issues based on th
 Making the Transition to ICD-10 (11/14/2017) 
   The subset of ICD-10 codes, which concern mental health disorders, are used in billing procedures to indicate the mental health diagnosis of a patient.
 What Providers Need to Know About The Provider Directory Law (8/1/2017) 
   Providers and provider groups who are contracted with plans and insurers to offer behavioral health services must be aware of, and responsive to, plans and insurers attempts to verify their information in accordance with California’s provider direct
 Help is Available for Providers (7/27/2016) 
   This article will give providers the information they need to assist consumers as well as themselves with pursuing complaints against health plans.
 Insurance Update (3/2/2015) 
   Insurance Update, March/April 2015 by Sara Jasper, JD, Staff Attorney
 When Insurance Plans Ask For Their Money Back (3/1/2014) 
   When Insurance Plans Ask For Their Money Back by Michael Griffin, JD, LCSW, Staff Attorney
 Victims of Crime and MFTs as Providers (3/6/2013) 
   The California Vicitm Compensation Program ("VCP") is a program that provides compensation to victims of violent crime who have been injured (physically and/or emotionally). This article describes the requirements and reimbursements of this program.
 Avoiding Antitrust Problems in Practice (9/1/2012) 
   Avoiding Antitrust Problems in Practice By Ann Tran-Lien, JD, Staff Attorney
 Neither You Nor Your Business Associates Can Afford to be Lax About Complying with HIPAA Requirement (7/1/2012) 
   If you are a considered a Covered Entity for purposes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (???HIPAA???) and you have ???Business Associates??? as defined by HIPAA, you will want to read on to ensure that neither you nor your
 On Ethics Avoiding Problems with Fees, Payment Agreements, and Health Insurance (4/1/2012) 
   On Ethics: Avoiding Problems with Fees, Payment Agreements and Health Insurance by Michael Griffin, JD, LCSW, Staff Attorney
 Scrutiny of the Health Care Plans (1/1/2011) 
   CAMFT brings to your attention two stories that recently hit the mainstream media focusing on managed health care plans and some of the issues which you, as a provider, will likely find yourself enmeshed in regularly.
 1 800 Help My Patient (1/1/2009) 
   CAMFT receives many calls a month from members frustrated by issues of patient care and health plan or insurance coverage policies. Has your patient been denied services? Has your claim been denied for lack of medical necessity? Has your client been
 Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance (11/1/2008) 
   Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance. A Hidden Benefit of CAMFT Membership
 Managed Health Care California Law and Your Rights (11/1/2008) 
   Have you ever felt frustrated when attempting to get reimbursed by a managed care company? We know the answer is "yes." Navigating the policies, procedures, contracts and laws surrounding health plans and insurers can be time consuming and exaspe
 Joining the Fight to Gain Medicare Reimbursement Rights for MFTs (5/1/2007) 
   We are at the beginning of a new legislative cycle and therefore at an imperative point to again encourage the passage of a bill to include MFTs in Medicare reimbursement. Although we have come close in the past to achieving this goal, we continue to
 Fee Dispute Resolution Pilot Program (1/1/2007) 
   Fee Dispute Resolution Pilot Program to become operational Department of Managed Health Care
 Employing Interns, Trainees, and Licensees the Right Way, Part III (9/1/2005) 
   The issues discussed in this article are equally applicable to all types of employees, including trainees, interns, licensed professionals, and non-clinical staff. This article will discuss performance evaluations, disciplining employees, termination
 Independent Medical Review (7/1/2004) 
   A Slingshot in your patient's battle with the Goliath of Managed Care
 Malpractice Insurance What is the Right Choice (1/1/2003) 
   Malpractice Insurance What is the Right Choice. From time to time a new opportunity appears for malpractice insurnace. It can be mind-boggling to attempt to compare the plans to determine what the best purchase for you as a therapist
 What is Insurance Fraud (3/1/2001) 
   What is Insurance Fraud
 Third Party Reimbursement (3/1/2001) 
   Third Party Reimbursement. Understanding your rights and responsibilities with regard to third party reimbursement and the nuances of when you are and are not reimbursed can be daunting for the therapist who has never navigated these waters. This art
 Evaluating the Managed Care Contract (11/1/1990) 
   Deciding to participate in a managed health care plan requires greater consideration than just "how much will they reimburse an MFCC."