Interns Index of Articles

 The Trainee that Could (1/17/2018) 
   This article discusses issues around supervised experience and advertising for MFT Trainees.
 The New Associate Title (12/11/2017) 
   Supplemental Items for “The New Associate Title: What Registrants Need to Know
 How Does the Exam_Restructure_Affect_You (11/14/2017) 
   Effective January 1, 2016, the examination structure for LMFTs will be changing. This article and the accompanying chart provide an explanation of the new exam structure and the factors which determine whether and when an LMFT applicant is required t
 Critical Reminders for Interns and Trainees (11/14/2017) 
   Critical Reminders for Interns and Trainees
 SB 620 Signed by Govenor (3/27/2017) 
   SB 620 Signed by the Governor
 Labor Board Sets Precedent for California Internships (5/1/2015) 
   The Labor Commissioner of California issued a ruling that will help employers determine whether an intern can be classified as a volunteer or as an employee.
 Not a Trainee But Not Yet an MFT How to Advertise (5/1/2014) 
   Not a Trainee But Not Yet an MFT How to Advertise. Ann Tran Lien, JD, Staff Attorney
 Recent Trends and Hot Topics in the Internship World (3/21/2014) 
   Recent Trends and Hot Topics in the Internship World. Ann Tran-Lein
 Charging Trainees and Intern Employees for Supervision Part 1 (7/1/2013) 
   Part 1: Charging Trainees and Intern Employees for Supervision By Sara Jasper, Staff Attorney
 Rethinking Private Practice Internships (9/19/2012) 
   A great deal is missed when an intern is not exposed to a private practice internship. In such settings, there is a different type of clientele, and interns miss out on observing how a private practice is built, managed and maintained.
 Trainee Hours May Be in Jeopardy (3/1/2010) 
   This article will review the section of law that requires there to be a written agreement between schools and work settings for the hours of experience gained by trainees outside of their practicum assignments.
 Employing Interns, Trainees, and Licensees the Right Way, Part II (5/1/2005) 
   his article will discuss the relevant wage and hour laws applicable to all employees; it will also address the proper use of volunteers.
 Employing Interns, Trainees, and Licensees the Right Way, Part I (3/1/2005) 
   This article will be the first in a series of articles that will address the legal aspects of recruiting, hiring, paying, reviewing, disciplining and terminating employees, including trainees and interns.
 On Ethics The Exiting Intern Vignette Evaluation (1/1/2005) 
   The exiting Intern
 Dealing with Unqualified Incompetent or Dishonest Interns (11/1/2003) 
   Supervising interns can be a rewarding experience, professionally speaking, of course. And, in a perfect supervision world, your interns will sail smoothly through their internships and never run into turbulent waters as they make swift and steady pr
 Interns Trainees Employees Not Independent Contractors (1/1/2002) 
   Interns Trainees Employees, Not Independent Contractors. Interns Trainees Employees, not Independent Contractors. A question often asked by licensees, interns and trainees is, "Can an intern or trainee work and gain hours of experience as an independ
 LPCC Track for Pre-Licensed MFTs (7/1/1997) 
   We frequently receive requests from members for information on what happens when a California licensed MFCC wishes to relocate to another state.
 The Dos and Donts of Interviewing Interns and Trainees (5/1/1992) 
   Questions often arise among supervisors/employers about how best to conduct interviews toscreen MFCC interns and trainees. Conversely, interns and trainees often ask, was this an appropriate question for me to be asked when seeking a position as an M