Articles by Legal Department Staff

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Articles by Jill Epstein, JD, former Executive Director

 Celebrating 50 Years Strong (3/27/2017) 
   View a time line of 50 years of CAMFT
 Voting Via Electronic Transmission (1/2/2015) 
   Voting Via Electronic Transmission
 Dually Licensed Board Members (1/2/2015) 
   A Conversation About the Future: Dually Licensed Board Members
 Prelicensed Board Representation (1/2/2015) 
   A Conversation About the Future: Prelicensed Board Representtion
 Prelicensed Voting Rights (1/2/2015) 
   Prelicensed Voting Rights
 The Living History of the MFT License (1/2/2013) 
   The Living History of the MFT License
 LMFTs as Medicare Providers (3/1/2012) 
   LMFTs as Medicare Providers