Managed Care Index of Articles

 How-Well-Do-You-Know-Your-Patient (8/1/2017) 
   This article, in addition to providing a sample Patient Intake Form, discusses some of the considerations to be mindful of with respect to information that is shared or communicated to the patient through the patient intake process.
 Medi-Cal Medicare and how LMFTs Fit In (4/3/2017) 
   This article offers an overview on how LMFTs and Registered Interns can provide services to Medicare beneficiaries in California, and CAMFT's recent advocacy efforts with respect to Medicare.
 Ombudsman-Services-and-Other-Resources (11/1/2016) 
   This article provides information about the resources that are available to Medi-Cal providers and their clients.
 Managed Health Care (1/4/2016) 
   An informative FAQ about managed health care in California, with suggestions on how to address provider grievances with managed care plans or insurers
 Fee For Service Medi-Cal Provider (3/26/2015) 
   Fee-For-Service Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment Application Tips This article contains tips on how to successfully apply to become a Fee-For- Service provider with Medi-Cal.
 Pathways to Becoming a Medi-Cal Provider (2/2/2015) 
   This article demonstrates the different pathways available to LMFTs and Registered Interns who are interested in working with clients in the Medi-Cal behavioral health system.
 Healthcare Reform and the Future of the MFT Profession (11/3/2014) 
   Healthcare Reform and the Future of the MFT Profession
 How to Become a Fee For Service Medi Cal Provide (10/2/2014) 
   How to Become a Free-For-Service Medi-Cal Provider by Sara Jasper JD, Staff Attorney
 Developing Professional Groups to Meet Health Care Demands in California (1/2/2014) 
   This article discusses the efforts that California and mental health care stakeholders are making to fortify the public mental health care workforce through the creation of new occupational groups with a focus on the development of a peer support per
 Covered California Corner (7/1/2013) 
   Covered California Corner, formerly known as the California Health Benefits Exchange
 President Obama Extends HIPAA's Reach and Alters the Health Care Landscape (9/4/2012) 
   President Obama Extends HIPAA's Reach and Alters the Health Care Landscape
 Avoiding Antitrust Problems in Practice (9/1/2012) 
   Avoiding Antitrust Problems in Practice By Ann Tran-Lien, JD, Staff Attorney
 Basic Training in Medi-Cal Documentation (5/1/2012) 
   By Sara Jasper, JD, Staff Attorney This article is intended to serve as a basic training for therapists who provide mental health services through county MHPs.
 LMFTs as Medicare Providers (3/1/2012) 
   LMFTs as Medicare Providers
 Therapist Disabilities and the Law (6/14/2011) 
   Take a journey through the day-to-day discrimination that therapists with disabilities experience in their professional worlds (from master's degree programs and employment to licensure and professional associations).
 Does Board Service Offer a Return on Investment (6/1/2011) 
   What's in it for Me? Does Board Service offer a return on investment
 Medicare Inclusion for MFTs (11/1/2010) 
   Medicare Inclusion for MFTs: Another Reason it is Critical for the Profession by Mary Riersma, Executive Director
 Whats in it for Me? Does Board Service Offer a Return on Investment (5/1/2010) 
   Board Members who have actively served the Association believe that they leave board service having gained much more than contributed.
 CAMFT Members Give Their Opinions on Managed Health Care Plans (11/25/2009) 
   When working with health care plans, have you found yourself having the uncontrollable desire to pull your hair out or band your head against a wall? Well, you are not alone.
 HMO Watchdogs You and the Department of Managed Health Care (5/11/2009) 
   Helping clients deal with the inequities and administrative burdens of managed care can be very frustrating. In addition to being a burden on a client???s sense of well-being and self worth, it can also make the clinician feel like he or she is battl
 Managed Care in th 90s (3/1/2009) 
   Mental health providers who choose to participate in "managed care" are in the midst of a dynamic and evolving system of healthcare delivery. Managed mental health affects millions of patients, providers and payors throughout the nation and its allur
 The Passage of Federal Mental Health Legislation (11/1/2008) 
   The Passage of Federal Mental Health Legislation
 Joining the Fight to Gain Medicare Reimbursement Rights for MFTs (5/1/2007) 
   We are at the beginning of a new legislative cycle and therefore at an imperative point to again encourage the passage of a bill to include MFTs in Medicare reimbursement. Although we have come close in the past to achieving this goal, we continue to
 Why Does CAMFT Not Eradicate Managed Care (3/1/2005) 
   Why does CAMFT not eradicate Managed Care?
 The Pros and Cons of a Single Payer System (5/1/2003) 
   The Pros and Cons of a Single Payer System (Universal Health Care) as proposed for California