Miscellaneous Index of Articles

 The Fabulous Five (1/30/2019) 
   This article provides recommendations and suggestions that a therapist may choose to utilize to ensure competent and sound best practices.
 Healing and Other Considerations (1/30/2019) 
   This article will explore some of the legal, ethical, and practical considerations that MFTs to be mindful of when serving in a crisis response role when providing disaster mental health services.
 Employee or Independent Contractor (12/3/2018) 
   This article discusses the topic of independent contractors, including relevant legal factors to consider regarding their use. Consideration is given to a recent California Supreme Court decision concerning the classification of independent con
 Workplace Safety and Other Considerations (3/1/2018) 
   This article provides some examples of best practices that can be utilized to ensure a safe environment—physical and otherwise—for the provider and his/her patient.
 Working Like a Dog Legal Considerations for Therapy Dogs (9/1/2017) 
   This article discusses a recent Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) case related to animal assisted therapy.
 Have You Completed All of Your CEs (5/1/2017) 
   This article reviews the continuing education requirements for LMFTs, and it also addresses the issue of what happens if a licensee does not complete all of her continuing education requirements.
 Recommended Practices for School Based Psychotherapists Part I (3/1/2017) 
   This article is part one of a three-part series which will discuss the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This first installment of the series provides an overview of FERPA.
 Quantifying Parity (1/2/2017) 
   Nonquantitative treatment limitations are explored, with examples for policy provisions that may require further analysis by enforcement agencies to determine if the plan is in compliance with the mental health parity requirements of MHPAEA.
 A-Quick-Look-at-the-California-Victims-Compensation-Program (9/1/2016) 
   This article will briefly review the California Victims Compensation Program.
 CA Victims Compensation Program (9/1/2016) 
   This article will briefly review the California Victims Compensation Program.
 Guidelines for Workplace Safety (5/2/2016) 
   In California, all businesses must create an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. The program must detail how the business will implement safety and health standards. This article provides information about how to create the Injury and Illnes
 New Laws Affecting Employers Employees and Volunteers (2/5/2016) 
   This article provides general information about California's new paid sick leave law and the new amendments to California's law that prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
 Follow Ariadne's Thread (2/5/2016) 
   When practicing psychotherapy, some cases or issues can seem labyrinthine in nature. But. what if there was a way out of the labyrinth?
 You Yelp and Social Media (9/1/2015) 
   This article discusses options for a marriage and family therapist who is the subject of a negative online review or defamatory statement; provides information about using social media; and discusses CAMFT's social media policy.
 SB 620 (7/1/2015) 
   This article is a review of the 2015 proposed BBS Legislation, SB 620, which would re-craft the licensing path for aspiring LMFTs.
 Its What You Dont Say (3/2/2015) 
   By Michael Griffin, JD, LCSW, Staff Attorney; Learn how the therapist's opinion, regardless of whether it is documented in a report, expressed on the witness stand, or written in a letter, can have a powerful impact on the person's life.
 Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence (2/1/2015) 
   Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence to the Police, Which is Like Your Tarasoff Duty to Protect, but not Exactly The duty to report is different from the Tarasoff duty to protect, both in terms of the aims of the laws and how they are d
 Prelicensed Board Representation (1/2/2015) 
   A Conversation About the Future: Prelicensed Board Representtion
 Prelicensed Voting Rights (1/2/2015) 
   Prelicensed Voting Rights
 Voting Via Electronic Transmission (1/2/2015) 
   Voting Via Electronic Transmission
 Dually Licensed Board Members (1/2/2015) 
   A Conversation About the Future: Dually Licensed Board Members
 Ten Reminders for Therapists About Fees (5/2/2014) 
   Ten Reminders for Therapists About Fees
 Information for Collaterals (9/1/2013) 
   Psychotherapists who permit or invite third parties to participate in therapeutic sessions for purposes of furthering a patient???s therapeutic process should consider providing those third parties with information regarding the therapist???s practic
 Are Nonprofits Commercial Enterprises (7/1/2013) 
   Are Nonprofits Commercial Enterprises
 Reasonable Accommodations and Emotional Support Animals (1/1/2013) 
   By Ann Tran, CAMFT Staff Attorney. Federal and California laws recognize emotional support animals as reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities for purposes of housing and travel.