Scope of Practice Index of Articles

 Healthy Reminders Scope of Practice (11/3/2014) 
   Nutritional Advice Healthy Reminders About Scope of Practice and Competence
 Private Practice Expense Sheet (6/1/2009) 
   Building a Private Practice Expense Sheet
 Marketing Nich Opportunities (6/1/2009) 
   Marketing Niche Opportunities
 A Comparative Analysis MFT (6/1/2009) 
   A marriage and family therapist???s scope of practice varies from state to state. This article will focus solely on what is contained within the specific definition of a state???s MFT scope of practice. One must be mindful that the scope of practice
 Coaching Should it be for You (11/1/2007) 
   Coaching Should it be for you
 Collecting From Non-Paying Clients (1/1/2002) 
   Collecting from non-paying clients. Collecting from nonpaying patients or prior patients can be a time-consuming and sometimes troublesome process.
 Scope of Practice (1/1/1997) 
   Scope of Practice. Questions often arise regarding the breadth of the scope of practice of the marriage and family therapist professional, or with regard to any profession or professional for that matter. But, what is a scope of practice? Marriage an