Supervision Index of Articles

 Changes in Supervision 2019 and Beyond (12/20/2018) 
   This article summarizes the changes in law that go into effect January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2020 regarding supervisor qualifications, duties and requirements
 Coaching vs Therapy (7/1/2015) 
   CAMFT???s Legal Department routinely receives calls from pre-licensed and licensed members who want to better understand the differences between coaching and therapy and whether it is lawful and ethical for pre-licensees and licensees to provid
 Supervision Basics (6/16/2014) 
   This article focuses on a few basic supervision requirements for Trainees and Interns, as well as, basic qualifications for LMFT supervisors.
 Supervisors' Most Commonly Asked Questions (7/1/2013) 
   Supervisors' Most Commonly Asked Questions By Ann Tran-Lien, JD, Staff Attorney
 Myths and Realities for Supervision (8/15/2012) 
   Myths and Realities of Supervision
 Update on Pay for Supervision (3/1/2010) 
   On January 23, 2010, the BBS met in Sacramento. Discussed during the meeting was the issue of "paying for supervision." This article discusses the dialogue of this meeting and CAMFT's view of the outcome.
 Suggestions for Developing Worthwhile Supervisory Relationship (3/1/2009) 
   Suggestions for Developing a Worthwhile Supervisory Relationship
 Tips on Supervision Supervisor Record Keeping (7/1/2007) 
   Tips on Supervision: Supervisor Recordkeeping
 On Ethics The Exiting Intern Vignette Evaluation (1/1/2005) 
   The exiting Intern
 A Tale of Two Supervisees (9/1/2004) 
   Many laws and regulations affect supervisors, interns and trainees, but when it comes to actually supervising such individuals, there are a few laws and regulations on this particular subject.
 New Experience and Supervision Regulations (1/1/1988) 
   New regulations became effective January 1, 1998, amending the existing requirements for getting supervision and hours of experience.