2019-2020 Board Election Results


President Elect: Cathryn Leff, MS, LMFT
Secretary: Lisa Romain, PhD, LMFT
Clinical Directors-at-Large:  Darshana Doshi, MA, LMFT; Nanci Finley, MA, LMFT; and Kira Kayler, MS, LMFT
Pre-Licensed Director-at-Large: Peter Cellarius, MA, Registered Associate MFT

The newly-elected Board Members will begin service on June 1, 2019 with the following Board Members continuing their terms:

President: Katie Vernoy, MS, LMFT
Past President: Jan Mellinger, MA, LMFT
Chief Financial Officer: Curt Widhalm, MA, LMFT
Directors-at-Large: Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT;  Jeff Kashou, MA, LMFT; and Howard Levitt, MA, LMFT