We Need You: CAMFT's Grassroots Advocacy Team

Watch this special invitation to join the Grassroots
Advocacy Team from CAMFT President Patricia Ravitz, LMFT.
Join CAMFT's NEW Grassroots Advocacy Team

CAMFT is holding its 1st Lobby Day in California on March 26-27, 2017 and its 14th Lobby Day in Washington, DC on April 16-19, 2017. We need members from specific districts to join us in our state’s and nation’s capitals to advance the MFT profession and mental health care advocacy.

Deadline to apply is Friday, February 3, 2017, 12:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my district one of the districts being targeted?
At this time, we are only soliciting applications from members who LIVE in the targeted districts listed below. To see if you live in one of the targeted districts, click here and enter your complete home address.

The following is a list of state and federal districts we are targeting:

State Districts:
District 7-Sacramento
District 15-Oakland
District 29- Santa Cruz/Monterey
District 31—Fresno
District 32--Bakersfield
District 52—Chino/Pomona
District 53—Los Angeles
District 62—Los Angeles
District 65—Buena Park/Fullerton
District 73--San Juan Capistrano
District 77—San Diego 
Federal Districts:

District 6 - Sacramento
District 9 – Stockton
District 18 – Palo Alto
District 22 – Clovis/Visalia
District 23 – Bakersfield
District 29 – San Fernando/Van Nuys
District 36 – Palm Desert
District 38 – Norwalk
District 39 - Brea
District 45 - Irvine

What does it mean to “lobby”?
Lobbying isn’t just for professional lobbyists. Lobbying is also done by individual citizens who are exercising their right to sit down with their legislators and explain the issues affecting them and their communities (i.e., Medicare reimbursement, MFT parity).

What will the day(s) entail?
Prior to, and at, the Lobby Day, delegates will participate in training sessions led by experts where they will receive an overview of legislation affecting MFTs, learn about the issues to discuss, and learn strategies for effective meetings.

Will I make a difference?
Lobbying is a way to bring the MFT concerns to our legislators. We always ask our legislators and their staff how constituents can best influence their representatives in Sacramento and Washington, DC. The common answer is that personal contact – in-person visits, phone calls or emails – is an effective way to get their concerns heard. The information and education delegates can provide, as practitioners, may be critical to the decisions that legislators make on issues that concern the MFT profession.

What are the details?
Sacramento Lobby Day, March 26-27, 2017
We will be lobbying on California legislation that affects the MFT profession and patients/clients. Delegates will arrive in Sacramento on Sunday night, March 26, 2017, for a group dinner. Monday, March 27, will consist of morning trainings by CAMFT’s lobbyists and other legislative experts, followed by scheduled meetings with elected officials (accompanied by CAMFT staff), and a de-briefing of the day’s events and next steps. All travel, food and necessary lodging expenses will be reimbursed by CAMFT.

Washington, DC Lobby Day, April 16-19, 2017
We will be lobbying to get LMFTs added as Medicare providers. Delegates will arrive in Washington, DC on Sunday night, April 16, 2017. (Note: This is Easter Sunday.) Monday, April 17, will start with morning trainings by CAMFT’s lobbyist and other legislative experts. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday, delegates will meet with elected officials (accompanied by CAMFT staff), followed by a de-briefing of the week’s events and next steps. Delegates will fly home late Tuesday night or Wednesday. All travel, food and necessary lodging expenses will be reimbursed by CAMFT.

I’m interested! Now what?
First, check to make sure you live in the targeted district.  Click here  and enter your complete home address.

Next, submit an application with your resume and a letter of interest. We are looking for members who have experience and/or have been engaged in politics, public relations, campaigning and/or lobbying. Excellent oral and written communication skills and social media skills are critical. Following the actual lobby day, delegates will be expected to conduct follow-up visits with the local offices, develop relationships with staff, deliver CAMFT messaging, connect the local chapters with the legislator for possible presentation, and organize other MFTs to take action.

Given the amount of training and investment by CAMFT, we are asking for applicants to be prepared to serve on the CAMFT Grassroots Advocacy Team for two (2) years.

Each applicant’s LETTER OF INTEREST, RESUME and APPLICATION must be submitted to aredd@camft.org. no later than FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2017 by 12:00 PM.

Here’s to a powerful and exciting 2017!