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Conversations About the Future

The Board of Directors is seeking input from the membership about: Dually licensed
members on the Board, Voting Via Electronic Transmission, Prelicensed Board
Representation, and Prelicensed Voting Rights. Each topic will be presented in a short
article offering readers an understanding of the history, current status, description of the
issue, and an invitation for members to share thoughts online in the CAMFT Community.

CAMFT’s 51st Annual Conference: Bridging the Art and Science of Healing
Registration is open for CAMFT’s 51st Annual Conference, “Bridging the Art and
Science of Healing,” at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront in Burlingame,
CA, May 14–17, 2015. Early discount offered through February 22, 2015!

Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence to the Police, Which is Like Your
Tarasoff Duty to Protect, but not Exactly

The duty to report is different from the Tarasoff duty to protect, both in terms of the
aims of the laws and how they are discharged. This article will distinguish the two duties.

The Basics of Telehealth
This article discusses the legal, ethical, and business considerations related to the practice
of telehealth, and explains the California regulations pertaining to telehealth and the
specific CAMFT Code of Ethics provisions that relate to telehealth.

Pathways to Becoming a Medi-Cal Provider
This article demonstrates the different pathways available to LMFTs and Registered Interns
who are interested in working with clients in the Medi-Cal behavioral health system.

The Master Checklist for MFT Licensure: Your Tactical Tool for Ultimate Success
The MFT licensure process can be daunting and complex. This article provides a guide
for those on the road to MFT licensure.

Managed Care Survey Results
On October 16, 2014, CAMFT sent a Managed Care Survey to all of its 15,049
Clinical members. Learn what the results of the survey revealed.

Professional Exchange

An Interview with Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Rick Hanson, PhD
CAMFT’s 51st Annual Conference will feature Keynote Speaker Rick Hanson, PhD.
Learn more about Dr. Hanson and get a sneak peek into his Keynote Presentation.

All the World’s a Stage: Armand Volkas and the Living Arts Playback Theatre
Ensemble at CAMFT’s 51st Annual Conference

This article highlights Armand Volkas and the Living Art Playback Theater Ensemble’s
interactive performance at CAMFT’s 51st Annual Conference. The performance honors
and illuminates the many individual threads that make up the art and science of healing,
and ultimately reveals the communal tapestry of experience that bind us as therapists.