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MFTs and Telehealth Outside of California

Over the years, members have routinely asked about telehealth, not only regarding the legal and ethical standards of practicing telehealth within the state, but outside of California. This is an incredibility complicated issue given the inconsistency in various states’ laws, lack of guidance on the federal level, the ambiguity of where the practice of therapy actually occurs, and legal standards that do not necessarily align with clinical best practices. As we’ve become a more global society, telehealth has skyrocketed, but unfortunately, state and federal guidance has not yet caught up. CAMFT continues to work with our own state regulator (the BBS) to improve existing legal guidance (we believe existing regulations will be re-reviewed in February or April 2018). CAMFT has also participated in workgroup meetings sponsored by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards to focus on improving MFT license portability, with telehealth as an important factor to consider. As we navigate this emerging form of healthcare, we recommend reviewing the following articles for best practices:

CAMFT will also make available a recorded workshop on telehealth in the near future.