On November 18, 2016, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) instituted a web-based Medi-Cal provider enrollment system entitled Provider Application and Validation for Enrollment (PAVE) 2.0 and on September 4, 2018, PAVE 3.0. PAVE offers the ability to submit online Medi-Cal enrollment applications and forms to DHCS via the Medi-Cal Provider e-Form Application (e-Form).

S requires certain provider types, including LMFTs, to submit their enrollment applications and forms using the e-Form application process effective 60 days from the date this bulletin is published. To facilitate the use of the PAVE application process, DHCS has also provided the ability for providers to digitally sign the application in order to make the application process more timely and efficient.

h providers are required to submit applications, report changes to existing enrollments, complete revalidation or continued enrollment for individual, group, and rendering enrollment types via PAVE effective March 5, 2019. The Provider Enrollment Division (PED) will no longer accept paper applications from these providers as of March 5, 2019. As a result, any paper applications postmarked after March 4, 2019 from such providers will be returned to the applicant.

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